Lattice Panels: The Reemerging Trend in Interior Design

Lattice panels are a beautiful element of interior design with a long and interesting history. From the Taj Mahal to the Eiffel Tower, lattice makes its appearance in many ways all around the world. But the most interesting, perhaps, is its current manifestation in interior design. As the experts in lattice panels for Fort Meyers and the entire United States, we would like to tell you more about this beautiful, reemerging art form.

lattice panels

Throughout history, lattice and lattice panels have brought an ornamental beauty to a variety of spaces and interior design. Unlike the brief reemergence of a DIY version of lattice panels in the ‘90s, today’s lattice panels, when done professionally, are incredibly gorgeous and undeniably aspirational. In today’s context, with design sensibilities being more stripped down; the textures, colors and patterns of lattice panels are able to add a pop of style to any room. Imagine them as a bold print contrasted against a simple silhouette.

Lattice panels of today also offer a variety of designs for different aesthetic tastes. From a tree-inspired design to geometrical patterns; there is a design for everyone. Into the mid-century design element? Lattice panels are one of the best and most essential addition to a mid-century home.

Lattice panels are also a great way to play with light within the home. Whether you place a panel by a window to allow light through and shapes and textures to emerge; or choose a panel with LED lights, lattice panels can play with interior light in a way no other design element can.

And, our wall dividers and lattice panels are made with high quality materials many homeowners of today prefer for their home. Choose from various wood materials and have them customized for the look you want. We have the following options available:

  • Acrylic
  • Cherry
  • Mahogany
  • Oak
  • Wenge and hard maple plywood
  • And more

Domestic high quality maple plywood dividers can even be stained in one of six different satin shades that we offer. With the high quality lattice panels of today from Lattice Panels, the possibilities are endless! Gone are the days of the criss-cross garden trellis panels! Choose from a variety of our unique, elegant designs for a completely custom look for your home or business.

Are you interested in new lattice panels for your Fort Meyers interior design? Contact us at Lattice Panels by calling 239-404-0616 or Get In Touch with us online. Not located in Fort Meyers? No problem. We can ship to you directly!

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