Lattice Wall Divider

Lattice Wall DividerLooking for a beautiful way to divide a room? One with endless elegance and style? One that allows light through it for a brighter, lighter ambiance overall? One completely customized to fit your unique space and made of the finest materials? Look no further than a lattice wall divider from Lattice Panels. Our wall dividers are made with various wood materials and can be customized for the look you want. We have the following options available to create your beautiful new lattice wall divider: acrylic, cherry, mahogany, oak, wenge and hard maple plywood.

Ready to get started? At Lattice Panels, we’ve seen homes and businesses of all kinds incorporate a lattice wall divider in their own unique way and we are excited to help you do the same!

A Lattice Wall Divider from Lattice Panels

A lattice wall divider from Lattice Panels is unparalleled in quality of craftsmanship and style. And, a lattice wall divider fits beautifully with a variety of décor and interior design trends. Our lattice wall dividers are designed, cut and constructed like no other you will find. Our designers are seasoned in their profession and true artists in their field. And, when it’s complete; you won’t find a lattice wall divider quite like yours anywhere else in the county.

We’ve been designing and customizing lattice panels and wall dividers for over a decade. We are experts in the industry and our designers work hard to deliver unusual high quality products in custom lattice accent walls, wall dividers, wall paneling and lattice panels. We even offer unique wall dividers in acrylic and plastic with LED lighting. The sky is the limit with our incredible designers!

We take pride in the fact that each one our lattice wall dividers is a unique work of art and have an impressive portfolio of work. Our design experts will work directly with you to find the look you want for your lattice wall divider and walk you through the process step by step.

Give us a call so we can tell you more about the process and work with you to create the custom lattice wall divider for your unique home or business.

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Are you interested in a masterpiece of your very own that offers functionality and style? We can create the lattice wall divider that will beautifully complement and accentuate your home or business. Contact us at Lattice Panels by calling (239) 404-0616 or Get In Touch with us online.