Split a Room with a Lattice Wall Divider

Do you want to separate the dining room from the living room? Looking to add dimension to the bedroom or add an office to the main floor? Could your yoga studio or marketing firm use a unique way to split the waiting room from the lobby or incorporate a meeting space? A beautiful lattice wall divider is a unique and stylish way to divide an area into two distinct sections while encouraging natural light and traffic flow. At Lattice Panels, we are expert designers and craftsman and can create for you a lattice wall divider that’s perfect for your unique home or business.

With a lattice wall divider you can bring color and pattern into a space with a panel that doubles as a piece of art. Install one seamlessly in a corner or flush against a wall to add a bit of style without detracting from the furnishings. Or, place one in the center of the room to create two separate spaces. Here are some other great ways to utilize a lattice wall divider to work for you and your space:

lattice wall divider
  • Camouflage an Eyesore. If your room or office overlooks the freeway or your neighbor’s backyard, it may pay to pretend that the world out there doesn’t exist. Use a lattice wall divider to maintain privacy and camouflage an unsightly view.
  • Create a Mood. Does your dining room overlook your kitchen? With a lattice wall divider you can give the feeling of intimacy and privacy as well as block the view of any cooking messes in the kitchen while you dine. Or, does your bedroom feel too open and cold? A lattice wall divider can not only add incredible beauty to the room but also create a more cozy atmosphere and feeling of privacy.
  • Double Down on Space. Is your office or home limited on space? Make a single room into two and create the feeling of added space with a lattice wall divider.
  • Play with Light. A lattice wall divider is also a great way to play with light within the home or office. Whether you place a panel by a window to allow light through and shapes and textures to emerge; or choose a panel with LED lights, lattice panels can play with interior light in a way no other design element can.

Ready to make a lattice wall divider work for you? We can create the lattice wall divider that will beautifully complement and accentuate your home or business. Contact us at Lattice Panels by calling (239) 404-0616 or Get In Touch with us at LatticePanels.com.

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