Adding Charm to Your Interior Design with Wood Lattice Panels

There are many types of homes and businesses, both old and new which lack innate architectural character and charm. That’s where wood lattice panels come in! Wood lattice panels can add huge personality and incredible style to your interior design no matter how simple or basic it may be. They are also an excellent way to tie together a room, incorporating a variety of design elements for a cohesive look. Lattice panels can provide both decorative and functional aspects instantly. And, they offer unexpected texture and dimension for luxurious yet modern charm.

Home Wall Divider

As seasoned designers of wood lattice panels for Naples and the surrounding areas, we have seen many trends come and go. But, one thing that never goes out of style is the need for beautiful accents and intriguing artwork. In fact, there are so many great reasons to customize your home with wood lattice panels, we’d like to discuss a few of them here.


All of us want houses full of charm and character, but often we buy based on other things such as location, square footage, etc. With wood lattice panels you can create the custom charm you want for your home or business instantly. Our design experts will work directly with you to find the look you want and walk you through the process step by step.


Decorative paneling has proven to be impactful, immediately. And, with Mid-Century interior design being incredibly huge right now, lattice panels are a seamless addition. Wood lattice panels not only look great with mid-century design. With our wood lattice panels, the style possibilities are endless! We’ve seen homes and businesses of all kinds incorporate this stunning work of art in their own unique way and we are excited to help you do the same. Our wood lattice panels look beautiful in any room where you want to incorporate an elegant focal point or unexpected texture. We can even combine wood and metal for an exotic interior effect. Looking for a Moroccan-inspired vibe? We can make it happen!


Looking to remodel? Wood lattice panels provide huge impact without the demolition. Wood lattice panels are easily installed and instantly transform a room. You don’t have to tear anything down with wood lattice panels, making them perfect for an impressive home renovation.

Are you interested in wood lattice panels for your own home or business? We can create the perfect wood lattice panels to accentuate or renovate your Naples interior design. Contact us at Lattice Panels by calling 239-404-0616 or Get In Touch with us online.

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